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We create stunning digital worlds that leave a lasting impression,

not waste.

And that's when

the idea of shifting to digital was born.


Ukos Studio is a creative duo that consists of two best friends - Agata and Jana. We are 3D graphic and set designers with over seven years experience of creating sets for film, TV and theatre. Working with excesive amounts of props, produced only to be disposed after a single use, made us think of a more sustainable approach.

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary creative know-how, the solutions we deliver are distinctly adapted to meet your unique needs. We're committed to shaping innovative spaces, without a trace of plastic involved.

We thrive in creating virtual set design. But there is more...

  •  product visualizations, from jewelry to ceramics or furniture

  •  3D animations of elements for your website or campaign

  • visual 3D representations of every conceivable idea


Let’s talk and find a fit

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